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Bulls Eye Pad


A popular strike shield in boxing gyms giving multiple options for the pad holder. The Bulleye Target strike shield is made of Leather and offers high-quality construction. The pad can be worn on straps around the coaches shoulders or held by the two handles.

Often used for developing striking power the bullseye pad is one of the most versatile strike shields on the market today.

  • Round target is great for practising heavy strikes and combinations.
  • Offers the benefits of a body pad but with added manoeuvrability.
  • The Interior is constructed of 1/2″ dense foam core with triple-layer resistance foam padding that will withstand beating after beating and not let you down.
  • Donut-shaped resistance padding offers strikers tactile feedback when hitting the mark.
  • Reinforced handles are positioned strategically for holding vertically, horizontally or one-handed.
  • Removable shoulder strap for easy handling.
  • The bullseye target is 16″ diameter, 4.5″ depth.

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