Youth Program 14-17yrs

Book onto our Induction course in July 23rd and 30th and see if Rings Boxing Club is for you.


At Rings Boxing Club our ethos is to build confidence, help your child with personal development.

At any stage in life we will help you with anxiety and self confidence, don't leave it until next month.

How to join us ?.

With our 12 month boxing programs we change lives, your child wants to become the person they are meant to be, we help you and them to make it happen, to change things.

Better Focus, more respect, giving Confidence not anxiety..

Our youth program currently runs 2 days a week.

Regular Training Times- Tuesday and Thursday 6.15pm 

We will soon run an instructor training program along with this group for those that want to develop their skills to a higher understanding and look to work for us one day.

Boxing is a great sport for building confidence, focus and personal development. At any stage in life boxing will help with anxiety and self confidence.

We will develop confidence, concentration and coordination. 

Plus we offer a Instructor training program for members in this group. This gives them a chance to begin that career path to working at Rings Boxing Club.

Contact us and invest in the right help for your mow young adult by clicking below.

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