Adult T2


Yes the gym is opening on 12th April. We look to get people training in our nice gym on a 3 times a week program. 

Interested ? 




7.00-7.30pm  Adults


7.00-7.30pm  Adults


 7.00-7.30pm  Adults


7.00-7.30pm  Adults 

If you are training regular and have boxing or martial arts experience and want to train boxing again but with the blood and getting punched in the face then this group training is for you. 

There is no contact Bag workout, pad work drills and ring craft skills are taught here, along with the exercises we love seeing in the rocky films. 

If you are a complete beginner or haven't trained for some years you are advised to join the beginner group for a few months to build up your conditioning first. 



Because of Hygiene we require all members purchase a start kit from us and with gloves, hand wraps, boxing boots and a club t.shirt.  

We sell good boxing equipment ideal for training and buying from us supports the club. You can arrange to buy gloves at the start of training.

Want to book this class or do you have questions ? Contact us here