Personal training one to one

This will change your life!

Do you want to learn how to box but not in a group environment or just cannot do evenings ?

Ideal for a CEO, Business Owner or an Entrepreneur.

Become more focused, have a  positive outcome mindset, live a great life.

To be more confident you need to learn something amazing about yourself.

Working with myself Lee Harris on a 1-2-1 level you will become more confident, become more focused and generally be healthier in mind and body. 

Boxing is a great sport and used correctly its a great tool for building focus and personal development. At any stage in life boxing will help with anxiety and self esteem.

One to one session with Lee Harris leading is £40.00 or 10 x £350.00

Available Time Slots for P.T sessions to Daytime Monday to Saturday 7am to 2pm.

Call 07376152820 or Learn More! – Rings Boxing Club