Junior's 10-14 years

Developing a junior boxing community. 

Building confidence, beating anxiety and shyness, helping them with personal development.

At any stage in life, we help with anxiety and self-confidence.

As a parent. Please don't leave it until it becomes a BIGGER issue.

How to join us?

Initially we host one week induction courses for ALL new potential members.

Induction starts Saturday 1st October 1pm, Second session Friday 7th 5pm. Both sessions must be attended.

Book in at our Pro shop. 

If the induction is completed and you are happy, we will invite your child to join us on a 12-month development training program to get these results you are looking for.

At 15 years old there comes an option to move up to the Youth program and develop to another level. Possibly a junior leader or junior assistant coach

We guide our members to become the best version of person they're meant to be.

Junior programs currently run 5 days a week.

Tuesday and Thursday 5.30pm

Monday, Wednesday, Friday 5pm

PLUS, Sparring workshops (Future Champions) and a Saturday morning club

Contact us and invest in the right help for your Child by clicking below.

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