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Boxing is an effective sport for all people of all ages. At Rings Boxing Club we have programs for all abilities. We provide a world class service.

Our Priority is to train and educate our members in boxing and in living with a healthy mindset.

Healthy body, healthy mind living in a positive state of mind and lifestyle.

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Adults- Daytime and Evening

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We will Provide you with a service that will give you results you are looking for. 

We will be offering participants the opportunity to sign up to a life changing boxing program taking you from beginner level to intermediate to advanced levels.

These programs will improve your fitness, your lifestyle, your health and your mindset to make massive changes towards a better lifestyle.

Your investment is JUST £10.00

You can pay in the online shop or arrange to come into the club ? When looking to pay online we will ask you to send us your contact number so we can call you to talk to qualify you.

Only when you attend the welcome meeting will you receive a great offer of joining us and workout sheet for the course. 
Become a champion of your own personal challenges!. 
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