Rings Amateur Boxing Club.

Rings Amateur Boxing Club

Start back with the amateurs from Tuesday 13th April. 

Tuesday, Thursday 7.15pm to 8.30pm and every second Sunday at 6pm. 

You've seen the Rocky Movies. Its better than that here.

Training for Competition ages 15 to 34yrs

If fun, but we asked for full attendance on weekdays or you are not in the amateur team.

With Technical and Open sparring, boxers will need to take a Medical and register with England Boxing this for health and Safety reasons. (official ruling of England Boxing) Long term goals is a full squad of amateur boxers. That's may become professional in the future.

Males and Females are welcome to compete for the club.

Boxers will be required as a club member on the vault with England boxing and will need a medical. This is the insurance Requirements of Rings Amateur Boxing club and England Boxing to whom the club is affiliated. Coach Lee Harris will help boxers with the details and assist in the registration to make is easy and so everything is in order.

As amateurs this group training is aimed towards competition minded boxers and competition is the goal. Everybody will be asked to take part in sparring.  

It takes a minimum of 18 months before you are ready to compete, so dedication and patience is necessary in this process.

We ask that all members have their own boxing equipment.

This is for hygienic reasons. We sell boxing kit, Boxing gloves, hand wraps. boxing shoes, skipping rope, headguard, groin guard, mouth guards. We ask our members to support this.

A skipping rope is a great item for home training.

We ask that gloves are clean, well maintained and that gloves are renewed every 12/18months.

Call 07376152820