Covid Cleaning Policy and Risk assessment



Infection through lack of social distancing


Infection through droplets from individuals which could be inhaled into the lungs


Infection through touching a surface, object, or the hand of an infected person that has been contaminated with respiratory secretions and then touching their own mouth, nose or eyes.


Infection between use of contaminated equipment

·         Initial deep clean of the whole Boxing Gym and Club prior to any boxers, coaches, volunteers etc returning by suitable, trained, competent person.




Boxing equipment to be cleaned prior to and after use.

Equipment removed / moved to prevent from use in order to maintain social distancing.



Boxing Gym to be cleaned before and after each gym session, including equipment, by nominated person.



·Maximum capacity agreed and confirmed (allowing for 2m space in each direction).



Boxing gym divided up into sections to accommodate for 2m social distancing. Area to be marked by tape. (To remain in place for all sessions).




·         Safe disposal of all cleaning wipes and used materials once used at the end of each session.



·         Daily deep clean of gym area including floors etc.



·         Boxers, coaches etc to bring own water bottles.



·         Separate entrance and exit to be identified and used. Directional signage put in place.




Procedures for minimising number of people in gym implemented.




No loud music and shouting to be kept to a minimum.




Signage on social distancing and hygiene displayed.




Sufficient cleaning and sanitiser product available.





Infection as above

Club Coaches to identify all equipment which is to be used. All equipment not to be used to be marked “out of use” or removed.




All equipment to be used to be cleaned in advance of boxers return.



Cleaning of all used equipment at the end of each group session and between different users.



·All Gloves – Boxers to use own gloves (cleaned before and after use) 

Boxers to wash hands thoroughly before and after wearing training..   

Wraps or gloves not be shared and washed after each use.           

Headguards not required at this stage.



Boxers only to utilise own training kit and own towels. No towels etc to be shared.



Safe Disposal of all cleaning wipes and used materials at the end of each session.



Initial deep cleaning of all fixtures and fittings (TV, Tables, chairs, monitors etc).



Hand sanitiser and wipes provided for use by boxers / coaches etc before and after training and between use of different equipment.



Cleaning record to be maintained.



Bins emptied daily and any cleaning wipes safely disposed of.



Cups etc not to be shared.




Daily cleaning of kitchen facility and after each use.




Numbers in kitchen to be kept to a minimum.




Infection as above

Initial deep clean of office administrative areas before any boxers, coaches etc return.




Ongoing cleaning of all fixtures and fittings (tables, light switches, etc.



·Clear desk policy in place.



Equipment not to be shared and to wiped after use – wipes provided.



Daily cleaning to be conducted.



Bins emptied daily and disposed of.



Weekly deep clean to include all areas of the office.




Infection as above

Toilets to be deep cleaned ahead of boxers, coaches etc returning.




Clean after each individual use.



Use limited to one person at a time.





Rubbish, waste to be safely disposed of after each session.








Actions to Control Risk

Status – R (High - not in place); A (Medium - in progress; G (Low 0 complete)

Overall Status

Further Controls/Action Required


Infection as above

·         Government guidance on social distancing concerning travel to and from the club maintained. Club members reminded of responsibilities.




·         Entrances and Exits clearly marked.

·         One-way system implemented.

·         Different entrances and exits.

·         Those wating to wait outside.



·         All to complete Test and Trace form on arrival (for each session)



·         Boxers with and coaches to complete a PARQ.



·         All arrivals to use hand sanitiser prior to entering club. Handwashing process in place for boxers and coaches, etc.



·         Boxers and Coaches etc to come already changed and to shower at home.



Boxing Sessions/ Training / General

Infection as above

·         Booking session process put in place, based on how many people the club can safely hold.

·         Training session kept to the same bubbles / groups.




·         Details of the process and procedures and what to expect communicated to members.



·         Coaches updated on roles and responsibilities.



·         General health and safety requirements, safeguarding, England Boxing regulations considered and adherence confirmed.



·         Shorter session implemented. Time between session factored in to accommodate cleaning, arrival and departure etc.



·         Indoor areas to be ventilated as much as possible.



·         Coaches made aware of the fears and issues for those retuning to the club – especially young people.



·         Consideration given to those deemed vulnerable within the Club and relevant measures taken.



·         Coaches to wipe down door handles and handrails after everyone leaves club.