Club Ethos

At Rings Boxing Club we work with Induction courses, then 12 month or 3 year programs, not classes.

Our boxing programs are life changing, physically and mentally.

Maybe its not for you. If so, stop reading right now and have a great life.. 

The fear of trying something new controls us. 

Why ? Because trying something new will always be a challenge. But, if we never try then we feel frustrated, anxious, guilty almost, we can even suffer with sleepless nights!

If you want results then Rings Boxing Club is the place for YOU. I can honestly say you will enjoy every session here and you will be proud of your development from training with us !

We will give you a world class service. Provide you with the best boxing experience possible and get you results. 

Our clients invest in their families to train in a healthy positive environment.

Cadets programs 5-9 years 

Junior Programs 10-15 years 

Youth  Programs 15-17years

Adult programs 

One to one or family Programs 

 When do you want to join us ?

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