Junior Cadets 5-9 yrs

Contact us to book in for Junior cadet Induction dates

Limited spaces

Induction dates 11th and 18th June @ 1pm

Plus  home studying.

At Rings Boxing Club

Our ethos is to build confidence, help your child with personal development. We teach kids to focus better in all areas of learning, to be respectful and develop them to become leaders. 
We know many people in our lives that suffer with anxiety, from bad childhood experiences. Bullying for example.

Its £10.00 for the try out which is refunded when you join us as a full member

How to join us ?

We hold Induction courses on Saturdays for new people. You need to attend 2 in the month. Afterwards you enrol into a program with the regular group.

Training Times.

Wednesday and Friday 4.15pm

Tuesday and Thursday 4.45pm

Contact us and invest in the right help for your Child by clicking below.

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