Cadets 5-9 yrs

Developing a positive result. 

At Rings Boxing Club our ethos is to build confidence and help young people with personal development.

Even at such a early stage in life we help with anxiety and self confidence. As a parent. don't leave it until its a BIGGER issue.

How to join us ?.


Book your Child in for an induction week in August

Either Saturday 13th August or 20th August @12noon

Followed by a trial week up to 3 sessions in one week

Then you will join us with on a 12 months training program to get these results you are looking for.

Here we help to change the course of somebodies life. To living a healthier and more positive life from a structured program. At 10 years old then an option to join our leadership program and in the future as a junior instructor.

We guide our members to become the person they are meant to be.

Better Focus, more respect, giving Confidence not anxiety..

Our Cadets programs currently runs 5 days a week.

Tuesday and Thursday 4.45pm

Monday, Wednesday, Friday 4.15pm

PLUS  Saturday Morning session coming soon!

Contact us and invest in the right help for your child by clicking below.

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