Next Induction Week

Next Induction Week  

Limited spaces!  


Adult induction weeks in October 

1st session is October 3rd 8pm, Second session Wednesday 5th 8pm 

Book onto this at our online pro-shop

Once booked on you will receive an invitation by email to a welcome meeting/call.


Are you fed up with the same old training? Never seeing results?

Your induction course gives you the opportunity to try out with us for a week at Rings Boxing Club.

If you want REAL life changing results, after this induction you should join us on the journey of a 12-month boxing program, that will give you fitness and life changing results.

Do you really want to change your life and live healthy?

On our 12-month programs you learn advanced boxing skills and become super fit. Yes, you hit bags, work pads, do partner work... 

Be coached under the supervision of a world class coach and training syllabus.

This course one week induction is great fun just £10

No gloves? We also have a great starter pack offer!

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*NOTE* (We give no Refunds for non-attendances)