Cadets 5-9 yrs

A positive experience, creating a confident child. 

At Rings Boxing Club goal is to build confidence into young people and help them with personal development.

Even at such a early stage in life we help with anxiety and self-confidence.

As a parent. don't leave it until it's a BIGGER issue.

How to join us?

Book your Child onto the next induction week Saturday 1st October @ our pro shop

New induction week starts on 1st October @10am

Plus, up to 2 group sessions the following week 'Only'

Following this if we are working well for you and you for us, we are convinced you will want your child to join us with on a 12-month training program to get these results you are looking for.

With the cadet's program we offer an achievements reward syllabus that will be beneficial to you the parent and your child's development. 

Here we help to change the course of somebody's life.

We guide our cadets to become confident, whilst being respectful.

Better Focus, more respect, giving Confidence not anxiety.

Our Cadets programs currently runs 5 days a week.

Tuesday and Thursday 4.45pm

Monday, Wednesday, Friday 4.15pm

PLUS, from January 2023 a Saturday morning club!

Contact us and invest in the right help for your child by clicking below.

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