Training in January 2021( Let's do It )

Training in January 2021( Let's do It )

From 4th January training will resume.

At the moment at tier 4 all we know is that the gym is closed.

Zoom classes will be running In the evenings on Tuesday, Wednesdays and Thursdays with Juniors under 16yrs at and Seniors 16 years+ at 7.00 pm. The Zoom classes are 30 minutes long. There is also a library of pre-recorded videos stored online and access.

We are planning some Outdoor training which that appears to be possible, will begin on Saturday 9th with Juniors at 10am and Seniors at 11.15am Obviously the rain or extreme weather may put a stop to this plan. 

Over the start of next week I will look at the possibilities of individual training or families using the gym in their own bubbles.

I need to check the guidelines on this so I know we are all safe. 

As soon as we drop down from Tier 4 we should be ok to open the gym again. 

Our Morning Zoom classes will continue but only Monday to Friday at 7.15am start.  

At the moment it appears One to one Training is workable outdoors or on Zoom.


Call or txt 07376152820

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