Staying Active January 2021

Staying Active January 2021

So every new year people make a promise that they are going to do new things and Change their lifestyles. When it doesn't happen they look to blame somebody or something, an event of some kind. 

Well 2021 really gives you a great chance to either change or blame, its so easy to do the latter.

One thing we know of all evidence from health and medical experts is Covid gets the vulnerable with health issues worse and Social media gets the people with mental health issues. 

The gyms are closed yes, but not everybody wants to join a gym. You can think gyms are full of ego, but I would suggest you speak with the coaches first. I talk with all my members so they get to know me.

Most coaches/ gyms/Boxing clubs have gone onto Zoom because we want to keep our members active and keep them in a positive mindset. 

A positive mind comes from self belief, self belief comes from activity. If you are not part of a gym/club A daily walk alone or with the family is a good foundation to build regular activity. 

What a great thing to do, walk with the family. Laugh, talk enjoy the fresh air and Vitamin D. Get yourselves a slow cooker and dinner will be ready when you get home. Take a flash with you stop for some soup.. 

We all have something to give in this life. If you stay at home the world will never get to know you. Good luck!

Be Safe, Stay positive, Eat healthy, Stay active. 

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