Prepare for February 2021

Prepare for February 2021

February hopefully brings us closer towards the gyms opening.

Setting out a training routine ready for the doors opening at the club or your gym. I think in Loughborough we have seen the last snow fall, the days are getting longer with more sunlight and more chance of getting our Vitamin D levels up.

The positive effects of exercise are well documented, but like anything, too much of a good thing can cause us problems- or more specifically, in respect to exercise; too much of a good thing TOO QUICKLY causes problems.

The reason for this is revealed when we understand what happens to the human body and all it’s varied tissues (bone, muscles, tendons ) when we STOP doing an exercise or sport that we do regularly- and lock-down has provided this rather unwelcome and unique period of rest.

The human body is the most incredible organism- without any input from us, it can change and adapt almost on a daily basis! In terms of the musculoskeletal system, the stimulus to adapt comes from our environment and what we do in it. Some studies that have looked at this in professional athletes- showing that in as little as 2 weeks of rest, muscles start to get weaker and tendons contain a little less collagen (the protein that makes the tendon “stiff.”)


Here at Rings Boxing Club we have set out a training program on zoom to get us all ready for a smooth transition to the gym.

The zoom classes are all boxing based with conditioning exercises that are set pout for all levels of skill and fitness. 

We are running 

Evening Boxing classes run Tuesday to Friday.

Kids 5.15pm Juniors 6pm and Adults 7pm.  

Sunday Morning 9am A body work out  

Book in for a Free Taster session on Facebook-YouTube Live 08.02.2021

To sign up/ Contact us here

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