Personal Training.

Personal Training.

Book 1 session  £50.00 or book 10 £350.00 all we need to do is arrange the dates. 


Personal training during the daytime on week days with some limited space on Saturday mornings.

A lot of people are frustrated of never giving boxing a try. At Rings Boxing Club you don't have to compete. You don't have to ever get hit, if that's not your thing.

But, you can still train, learn and develop great boxing and self defence skills.

In our groups its never more that 16 people, with a P.T it never more than just you or family if you choose.. 

 Working with myself Lee Harris on a 1-2-1 level you will become more confident, become more focused and generally be healthier in mind and body. 

Boxing is a great sport and used correctly its a great tool for building focus and personal development. At any stage in life boxing will help with anxiety and self esteem.

We will develop confidence, concentration and coordination. 3 super powers. 


To book a time or learn more. Contact me here



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