November Lockdown 02...

November Lockdown 02...

Hello subscribers.

We are all feeling the frustration of this situation. During 2020 I personally have lost nearly all my savings. Being in the first year of self employment and having savings I have had no help from the government. I am sure you are in a situation that puts yourself in deep dark places.

I know training as always helped me in my hour of need, with this I strive to always move forwards. So my gym is closed, this gives me a chance to make improvements there and it gives me a opportunity to reach out to you on ZOOM.

For just £10 you can train along with myself everyday until the end of November.

You can join and your whole family can train along with you at home. 

Zoom Training Times From 06/11/20 - 31/11/2020

7.30-8.00am Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday

7.00-7.30pm Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday

9.00-9.30am Saturday and Sunday.

To join in email reference 02 Zoom classes

Stay safe you can do this!

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