Lockdown 15.04.2020

What are you doing to keep busy through the Covid-19 Lockdown ?

Firstly I hope you are staying home and staying safe. 

One of the biggest questions I asked myself was how can I get through this positively ? 

One way I know works for me is to train. The option for this was home training. I haven't got much equipment at home so training bodyweight and ground exercises along with skipping and shadow boxing are my options. 

Finding ways to motivate yourself to train daily is tough. Setting out a daily plan on the evening before you sleep can help you, well it helps me. When I wake up I get a coffee first then set up for training. A glass of water is a must and my astma inhaler. I have printed of some workouts from the internet, the batman workout is a favourite of mine. I get a motivation YouTube video on the t.v. Usually working for 30 to 40 minutes then shower, eat a good healthy breakfast. 

This sets you up for the day. I can go for my walk later 20 or 30 minutes, when I get home I do some stretching movements.

Later in the day I work my boxing skills and technique's.  

YouTube is a great tool on finding what's good to cook and learn to improve your cooking skills. Finding online a good book to read or listen too. 

If you need some help or somebody to chat with email in at the club email address and we can help ringsboxingclub@gmail.com


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