June Induction Course

June Induction Course


Have you been looking at joining us here at Rings Boxing Club?
If not, why not ?
This induction course gives you a great opportunity to joining us!
Lose weight, learn to box.
Become more confident and beat your anxiety!
How many times are you going to say next time ? Next month ? Soon ?
This one week induction course is only £10.00.
Do you want to do this and change your life ?


One week 20th June and 22nd June @8pm

Rings Boxing Club is the place for you. 

This course will be fun and if you complete we will sign you up as a full time member. LIMITED SPACES for this course.

Its Just £10.00

Don't miss out on this! 

Sign up TODAY

Adult Induction course (JUNE2022) – Rings Boxing Club

Why not join with a friend 

*NOTE* (We give no Refunds for non attendances)


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