April  Induction course starts 18th April

April Induction course starts 18th April

Next Induction course starts 18th April

Springtime in April should always bring a new challenge as well evolve and improve our lifestyles with learning new things. 

We are offering a new 4 week induction course which will afterwards lead to a 12 month program going from beginner level to intermediate level.

This program will improve your fitness, your lifestyle, your health and your mindset to make a year to remember.

The course dates are 18th,19th,21st (7pm) ,25th and 27th.

When does it begin on Monday 18th April and completes on Wednesday 27th April. .

Welcome meeting on Saturday 16th at 12.15pm.

Attend the welcome meeting to receive your gloves, receive a workout sheet for the course and offers on membership for the 2022. 

The course will cost £35.00 and will include a pair of bag gloves

Contact to Learn More! – Rings Boxing Club

Book your spot April Induction – Rings Boxing Club

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