February 2022 4 week new induction course.

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February 2022 4 week new induction course.

A new year should always bring a new challenge as well evolve and improve our lifestyles with learning new things. 

We are offering a new 4 week induction course which will afterwards lead to a 10 month program going from beginner level to intermediate level before Christmas 2022, this program will improve the participants fitness, lifestyles, health and mindset to make 2022 a year to remember.

The course dates are 1st,3rd,8th,10th,15th,17th,22nd and 24th

When does it begin on Tuesday 1st February and end on Thursday 24th February. Rings every Tuesday and Thursday in February 8.15pm to 9pm.

The course will cost £56.99 and will include a pair of bag gloves or club t.shirt. 

Become a champion of your own personal challenges!

We have limited spaces and we only accept 14 people on this course. 

Limited spaces. Sign up today!

Before course starts we will bring you all in to the club for a welcome meeting where you as participants will receive discounted offers on equipment, person training and guidance to help you on the journey.  

Learn More! – Rings Boxing Club


  • Luke Needham

    Can pay on the 29th January looking forward to it.

  • Robert Muller

    Hi I am a 39 year old male with average level of fitnessand want to get involved. Please send me info

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