Join us in 2022

Join us in 2022

We work programs, not classes.

Trying something new will always be a challenge and if we stop we feel bad, guilty almost. Then we fear trying something new, because we don't want to have that feeling again. 

If you want to feel great and never feel that pain again, we are the place for you. We can honestly say you will every session and proud with your development from training with us!

We offer you a world class service.

Giving YOU the best experience possible and achieve positive results .

When do you want to join us ?

Be physically fit, improve mental health, live a healthier and a great life.

Our Programs are fun, positive and full of energy, with motivated coaches.

If you are an adult and interested in joining us look at our induction link below. 

Induction Course – Rings Boxing Club

If you are looking for a family member. You can call us or contact us at 

Learn More! – Rings Boxing Club

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