16th August 4 week Adult Beginners Course

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16th August 4 week Adult Beginners Course

Great news people of LOUGHBOROUGH we are now moving forwards with a 4 week Beginner Course starting on the Monday 16th August at 7.55pm 

The price for this 2 day a week course will include a free club t-shirt and a free set of Hand Bandages. 


RINGS BOXING CLUB 4 week courses are non commitment to joining us afterwards, but off course we do want you to join us if you like.. Its all up to you if you want to continue with us.

You may want to go online as well and have this course as you first place you tried boxing at this great club. 


No you will NOT be sparring or getting punched in the face. 

Not only that but whilst you are on the course you will be allegeable to P.T sessions with your coach 25% Discount off his usual prices. 

Wow sounds amazing !!!!!


Contact us if you want to sign up or want to learn more... 

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